Testimony Of An Encounter With One Of God's Angels In Manenberg - South Africa

I shall never forget the time I had to give one of our office workers a lift home to Manenberg [a very dangerous area for a woman to be in on her own]. Gangsterism and violence are prevalent in the Manenberg area. After I dropped my colleague off I could not find my way back to the main road. I was completely lost and did not know in which direction to travel to the Main Road Gripped with fear I began to panic as it was getting dark. The darkness of the land overwhelmed the brightness of the skies above Manenberg. A whole lot of emotions flashed through my mind. My car would soon run out of petrol driving around trying to find the main road. It was too dangerous for me to get out of my car and ask someone the way. What was I going to do? My fears intensified as it was getting very dark outside.

I momentarily stopped the car and prayed earnestly for guidance. Suddenly a tall man was sitting in the seat next to me. The doors were locked, he just appeared from nowhere. There was something majestic about His appearance. He leaned forward and said, "you’re lost! I am going to show you the way to the main road" He knew without my saying a word that I was lost. I wasn’t frightened at this complete stranger in my car as I felt a good presence. The person seated next to me had the appearance of a man although there was something angelic about him. He knew the scriptures and began quoting them. There was a light around him as he spoke. He then directed me to the main road and suddenly vanished from beside me. I was overwhelmed. As suddenly as this stranger had appeared from nowhere he then disappeared. It was an angel of the Lord. I was overwhelmed to think that the Lord had supernaturally sent an angel to show me the way.

He supernaturally protected me. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. The Lord says He will give His angels charge over thee to watch thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91. It is so comforting to know that He watches over us.
What an awesome God we serve.

Uri's Healing

A man by the name of Uri joined our firm. He was a young Israeli engineer and full of zeal and had a zest for living. I witnessed to Uri but he did not want to know anything about the gospel. Two days later Uri was in hospital with a brain hemorrhage.  It was serious and he was deteriorating fast. His mother, who was a teacher at a well known school, was frantic about her son's condition. Uri was an only child and his mother had brought him up on her own which made matters worse. She had always doted on her only son.  Uri had neurosurgeons and professors attending to him but the doctors, as skilled as they were, could only do so much. A colleague of mine who was a believer and was also concerned about Uri’s condition began interceding with me for him. The situation seemed so tragic; a young man with so much potential was evidently not going to survive unless a miracle took place!

A bit later I felt led to go and pray for him. My colleague had arranged to go with me but at the last minute she decided against this. As I drove to the hospital during my lunch hour I prayed in tongues all the way to the hospital. I prayed that I would be alone with Uri when I arrived at the hospital. The Lord granted my request. The nurse in charge said I could have 10 minutes with him. He was fortunately in a private ward and was coherent and recognised me. I told him I wanted to pray for him and he knew what I stood for and that I would pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Uri managed to say that he did not care in whose name I prayed, but I could pray for him. I also said that I wanted to anoint him with oil. He nodded in agreement. I began to pray over Uri anointing him with oil as the Lord led me. I then asked Uri whether he wanted to commit his life to the Lord Jesus Christ but he refused. I left the hospital grieved in my spirit at his refusal but drove back to the office asking the Lord for mercy for Uri. I arrived back at the office and delved into the huge pile of work that awaited me. Two hours went by, then one of the senior Engineers called me to the telephone. He said that Uri’s mother wanted to speak to me.  She first spoke in Yiddish and then in a broken English. From what I could make out she said that Uri was Jewish and I had no right to baptise him. I tried to explain to her that I did not baptise her son but she would not listen.

Two weeks had elapsed since I had prayed for Uri when one of the senior engineers came to my desk and told me that a supernatural miracle had taken place. Uri had made a miraculous recovery and was leaving the hospital.
The Lord had restored Uri to full health again. Hallelujah! What a miracle and everyone knew that it was only the Lord that could have touched Uri in that way.
The whole of the Department was buzzing about the amazing miracle that had taken place. Also all the people who had opposed me knew that a supernatural miracle had taken place. The Lord is Jehovah Rapha the Lord that heals.

Eleanor's Mother's Salvation

Eleanor had committed her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in November 1974. She prayed much for her family and longed to see them in the Lord’s house with her enjoying His presence.

Her mother, a very staunch orthodox Jewess, was opposed to what she stood for as a believer. For  years she prayed for her salvation and witnessed to her but she rejected the Lord every time. After a while Eleanor stopped witnessing to her and just prayed for her. The Lord gave Eleanor a vision as she prayed and she saw her mother with her whole face lit up. She held onto that vision for ten years.

On 21 June 1998 Eleanor was praying in her bedroom and the Lord impressed upon her to go to her mother. She was badly crippled with arthritis in her one leg and was due to have a knee replacement operation. Her mother was hardly mobile and managed to move around in the proximity of her apartment. Eleanor went straight over to her apartment and told her that the Lord would heal her if she accepted Him. Eleanor said that she would have to pray the prayer of commitment with her. She prayed the prayer out loud, committing her life to the Lord Jesus Christ, which was a miracle in itself. Up to then her mother could not speak out the Name of Jesus. Eleanor prayed over her head in tongues as the Lord led her and her face lit up just as she had seen in the vision 10 years previously. The veil had been removed. She then took off her stocking and Eleanor took some oil and prayed over her leg. As she prayed she heard a ‘click, click, click’ sound as her leg visibly straightened out and her mother was healed. She was elated as she had spent so much money on doctors and medicines and nothing had helped. All her friends were saying how much better she was walking.

Praise the Lord He brought her to a place of absolute desperation where nothing or nobody could help her except Him. Man's extremity is God's opportunity. Like the woman with the issue of blood, we need to persist and touch the hem of His garment. Sadly my mother lost her healing sometime afterwards as she feared what her friends would say and never acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ or gave thanks for her miraculous healing. She went to doctors to check her knee and a cortisone injection was administered. She was worse off than ever before after the injection and had to be admitted to hospital to have a knee replacement operation. It was sad that she lost faith and had to go through all the trauma of major surgery.