Kaye Beyer and Eleanor at the Ministry Banquet in Tampa, Florida.

In Ibiza near Spain, as Eleanor prayed for a woman with a neck injury the Holy Spirit touched Eleanor and she began to cry.  
The woman was miraculously healed.

Anglican pastor and his wife of the church at Sant Rafel where Eleanor ministered. A pastor and Eleanor praying for a man from the Congo who committed his life to the Lord Jesus.

Speaking at an Anglican church in Sant Rafel.


A woman was sitting in the pew near the front of the church who was diagnosed with liver cancer, which showed on a recent CAT scan.  

As she was in the service listening to the message on how the Lord Jesus had healed Eleanor from a back injury she felt heat go through her body and was miraculously healed by the power of the Lord.   

She was so elated and a CAT scan taken after her experience with the Lord showed no trace of cancer.

The "Spirit and Fire” Conference held in Buenos Aires, in Argentina in the year 2001.  Pastors from many countries attended the conference and a lot of time was spent in prayer for the meetings.  Nearly 4000 people packed the crowded auditorium; they were hungry for a move of God.

When Eleanor spoke at the conference in Buenos Aires, in Argentina she had an interpreter who interpreted in Spanish and German for the people.

Speaking at the ministry banquet  of Harold and Kaye Beyer held in a hotel in Tampa Florida.

Harold and Kaye have a worldwide ministry which has touched and blessed many lives.    

As they share at meetings of the Lord's goodness and all He has done in their lives manna falls.   What a miracle and people have been healed when eating the manna. 

Many friends of the Beyer's attended the banquet.   They had friends from Norway, Israel, the Arctic, Canada, Australia, and Africa and from the USA.