"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25: 40
Eleanor Ment's ministry is primarily to the hurting, broken and the lost.  Her function in the fivefold ministry is that of evangelism and the prophetic combined.  Through the many hardships and situations, the Lord has trained her up into this ministry and has sent her to the Body Of Christ with a message of hope, encouragement and healing.  She itinerates to different churches around the world.

A ministry to the broken, hurting and lost.

Eleanor with some of the men from the Congo and Rwanda who were traumatized by the violence there and had sort refuge in England. Eleanor was part of a pastoral team that ministered healing to these men.

This website contains a personal testimony of Eleanor Ment and pictures of her book 'By His Stripes We Are Healed' and extracts of short testimonies taken from incidents in her every day life. This website also contains a section on Marriage, Divorce and Single Parenting.  Eleanor is also an Evangelist and preaches at many different congregations.  She itinerates around the world and is available for ministry anywhere as the Lord leads her.

Eleanor has also counselled many women who are hurting, broken, depressed and lonely. She has interceded for these women and they have received the healing grace of the Lord in their lives. The Lord had subsequently brought restoration to their situations. She has had to counsel many women who are broken; some of them have had the tremendous task of bringing up children on their own. Many of them were hurting and had suffered emotional and physical abuse. Some were very depressed and the Lord used her to minister to them and pray for them. 

Why does the Lord place so much emphasis on the Christian family? Is it because families are the building blocks of the church. When a family unit is broken up the church is broken up. Sometimes in a meeting the Lord will show her people who are hurting and broken. He actually lets her  feel their pain and she will want to cry. Often she  has to go on her face before the Lord for that person and travail in prayer.  Should you require her for ministry, please email her at ement58@yahoo.com

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